Other Sources

The Manchester Modernist Society has long been drawn to post-war places of worship. Click here to read more  or visit the Flickr page.

Although the lack of Manchester places of worship is apparent, other websites include  Best Modern Churches which features some good post-war UK examples.

The ‘Taking Stock’ initiative  is a partnership between the Patrimony Committee of the Bishops’ Conference, English Heritage and Roman Catholic dioceses. It has assessed the significance of all Roman Catholic churches and chapels in the Dioceses of Shrewsbury and Salford.

An army of church enthusiasts have contributed to the ‘Churches in the UK and Ireland’ website which documents churches from all periods.

Further afield, there is the work of the French photographer, Fabrice Fouillet

If you want to do some background reading, then visit the Glasgow School of Art’s Catholic Church architecture site for a definitive list.

2 thoughts on “Other Sources

  1. Have you done any pieces on the Islamic Academy on Upper Brook Street at all? I’m currently building a project around it and would find any research very interesting!


    1. Hello Liz,

      Our focus here is exclusively on post-1945 places of worship so we have not looked at this particular building. Nonetheless, it would certainly seem to have an interesting history. Best of luck with your project!


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